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Through its broker partners, Neighbourhood Holdings offers some of the lowest alternative mortgage rates in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia. If you need help finding an approved broker partner in your area, please contact us.




On average, approvals are issued to a broker in less than 24 hours.


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Borrower FAQ


Monthly Payments


How can I change my bank account for my monthly payments?

We would need a new void cheque by email teri@neighbourhoodholdings.com or fax 1-888-519-2539. Please note that we cannot accept payments from 3rd parties and the bank account must be owned by either a registered owner of the property or guarantor of the mortgage.


Can I change my payment dates?

All of our mortgage payments are due on the first of every month and we cannot change the payment date.


What if I cannot make my mortgage payment?

Call or email our office immediately to explain the situation to our mortgage admin department. All late payments are subject to a $150 charge.


Can I miss a payment or what happenS if my payment is returned?

Your account will be charged $150 and this amount will be added to your mortgage and will accrue interest.


Pay off or Paying Down Your Mortgage


What do I do if I sell the property?

If you have accepted an offer on your home please contact us to inform us of the closing date. Please provide our contact information to your solicitor so they may request a pay out statement.


Can I pay out my mortgage at any time?

It depends on your mortgage term and if you have met all your obligations under the mortgage. Please contact us for specific details on how to pay out your mortgage


Can I make a principal pay down?

It depends on the prepayment privileges of your mortgage. Please see your mortgage documents for details or contact our office. If your mortgage is eligible to be paid down you may only pay down the mortgage via a certified cheque or bank draft.


Can I sell my property while I have a mortgage with you?

Yes. Depending on your mortgage terms you may or may not have a penalty depending on when you choose to sell and pay off our mortgage. In order for your solicitor or notary  to receive a discharge our mortgage must be paid out in full.




What happens at the end of my term?

You may be offered to renew this mortgage at maturity for a new term, with or without a change in interest rate payable, by entering into one or more written agreements with us. Typically, if you have met the obligations under the mortgage you will be offered a renewal. $295 Renewal fees.


Can I speak to someone about my mortgage?

Please feel free to call our mortgage administrator at 604-568-4063, from 9:00 – 5:00pm (PT) or email contact@neighbourhoodholdings.com.


Still have questions? 

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